Whitening Treatments vs. Home Whitening Kits

By In Dental Tips December 21, 2018

You’ve done the tissue test. You know your teeth are not as pearly-white as they once were. Sure, you’re working on consistently brushing and flossing, but you want instant results – cue the teeth whitening debate.

The topic of teeth whitening often begins with the question: what’s better? Whitening treatments from your dentist or at home whitening kits?

Let us help you figure out which is the best option for you.


Choosing to have a professional whitening from your dentist ensures that a trained professional will apply the treatment and monitor your teeth throughout the whitening process. That being said, home-use whitening kits are safe and effective when used appropriately.

The catch is, not all tooth discolourations respond the same way to bleach treatments – which is why it’s important to chat with your dentist before beginning a home whitening treatment.

Now, I know what you’re thinking – “they’ll just tell me that professionally whitening is the best option." Don’t worry, that’s not the case. Many dental offices sell approved home-whitening kits or have recommendations for their preferred brands. Either way, your dentist only cares about your oral health and what route is best/safest for your pearly whites.


It’s no surprise which option is more cost-efficient: home whitening kits.

Home whitening kits cost under $100 on average, while taking a trip to the dentist for professional teeth whitening will cost on approximately $500.

Why pay more for the same thing? That’s where price versus value comes into play. You must also consider the results and how many times you may need to purchase a whitening kit compared to how many times you’ll need to revisit the dentist.


Generally, professional whitening treatment by a dentist always produces better results than a home whitening kit.

Dental offices use a stronger hydrogen peroxide that produces a more noticeable change. In-home kits tend to have weaker chemistry, which is why you may have to reuse kits until you notice a big difference and achieve the desired shade of white.

On the other hand, results can vary for each person, as everyone has different needs. If you have surface teeth stains, a home whitening kit may be perfect for you. If you have years of yellowing and stains within the inner structure of the tooth or age-related discolouration, a professional teeth whitening will offer the best results.

At the end of the day, the choice depends on the desired outcome. If you want your smile to go up a shade or two, in-home whitening kits may be perfect. But if you’re looking for a long-term solution, visiting your dentist for teeth whitening may be the better route.

Take the Next Steps

In either case, the first step is to make an appointment with your dentist to discuss your whitening goals. A dentist can walk you through the pros and cons of each option and recommend which route may be best for you.

Set up an appointment to begin the journey toward a whiter smile and a more confident you.