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Case Study: Treatment for Worn Teeth and Uneven Bite

May 1 • 3 minute read

At Trillium Dental Centre, we’re here to make a difference. That is why we love sharing how cosmetic dentistry has improved our patients’ lives. This story is about a patient who visited our dental clinic in Waterloo for much more than a dental clean-up — in fact, he was in need of a full mouth rehabilitation.

Read on to learn how our team provided treatment for worn teeth and an uneven bite caused by tooth grinding.

Step 1: Patient History

The patient, Mr. Jackson (a pseudonym to protect his identity), is 63 years old. He came to us with badly worn dentition and a collapsed, uneven bite. Both conditions can be the result of long-term bruxism (tooth grinding) due to the wear that occurs from the scraping of the upper and lower teeth.

Before we began treatment, Mr. Jackson already had porcelain crowns on his bottom teeth. These crowns had been significantly worn down through attrition. Upon examination, we determined that placing new crowns would not be enough to fix the problem and Mr. Jackson would benefit from an extensive, full mouth rehabilitation.

Worn dentition is a condition we are seeing more and more often in patients, especially those who are approaching their senior years. This, combined with an uneven bite, can cause a great deal of pain in the jaw joints and facial muscles.

We sought to correct these issues in the interest of both Mr. Jackson’s happiness and long-term oral health.

Step 2: Preparation

The first phase of treatment involved placing temporary fillings in Mr. Jackson’s back teeth over a period of four months. The purpose of this step was to open his bite in preparation of further treatment.

During this period, Mr. Jackson also visited our amazing lab, Choi’s Dental Studio, in Kitchener. There, the staff produced a diagnostic wax-up to give him a clear idea of the potential result of the new crown placement. This is an essential step ensure our patients will be happy with the results before we proceed to the next phase of treatment.

Eager to move forward, Mr. Jackson gave us the go-ahead to start crown preparations on each tooth.

Step 3: Treatment for Worn Teeth and Uneven Bite

Preparing each tooth for a new crown and making temporary crowns required six full hours of work. It was important for Mr. Jackson to wear temporary crowns for approximately a month in order to train his new bite and ensure the crowns would not cause discomfort in his muscles, joints, or teeth.

Fortunately, after an uneventful and discomfort-free month with the temporary crowns, Mr. Jackson returned to have the temporaries removed and the new crowns placed. This procedure took just two hours.

By the end, he had a proper bite and a brand-new smile — which he was more than happy to show off!

Mr. Jackson also left our dental clinic in Waterloo with a nightguard and sports mouth guard to keep his teeth looking great for years.

From a quick dental clean-up to a full mouth rehabilitation, the team at Trillium Dental Centre loves to help patients achieve the smile they deserve. Contact us for a free smile assessment to begin your journey to a smile makeover!

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