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We are thrilled to be open again and returning to normal hours this week! ✨ We’ve gone above and beyond, taking extra precautions to protect both our staff and patients.

Here are some changes we’ve made:

✅ Patients screened for COVID symptoms
✅ Modified patient check-in via phone
✅ Restricted office entry to patients only
✅ Sanitization station available upon entry
✅ Plexiglass installed
✅ High end air filters installed
✅ Upgraded all HVAC vents
✅ All staff equipped with proper PPE
✅ Increased frequency of sanitization procedures

We’ve made several changes around our office to ensure our patients will be treated in the safest environment possible. If you have more questions regarding the precautions that will be taken, please don’t hesitate to ask us for more details! ??

If you’re due for a cleaning or have a tooth ? problem you’ve been putting off due to closures, call (519) 746-4000 ?

Take a look at our office upgrades!