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Comprehensive Preventive Dental Care in Waterloo, Ontario

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Professional cleanings and exams will keep your teeth free of plaque and minimize your risk for decay. Many people procrastinate visiting the dentist or neglect to make their routine appointments because of anxiety or lack of funds. At Trillium Dental Centre, we can help you create a comprehensive oral health plan that fits both your budget and your lifestyle.

Our experienced team offers gentle routine exams, effective restorative services, preventive care, and dental education for every member of your family. If you’re looking for a new dentist near you, or haven’t been to the dentist in a while, call our office today to schedule your appointment.


Begin with Professional Cleanings and Exams

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Taking a proactive approach toward your oral health is an essential component in maintaining healthy gums. This begins with knowing the early signs of disease, some of which include bleeding or swollen gums, increased sensitivity, plaque buildup, and chronic bad breath.

If you experience any of these symptoms, reach out to our office as soon as possible to schedule an appointment.

What Happens During a Dental Cleaning?

A professional cleaning is designed to remove all of the bacteria from your teeth that you are unable to remove on your own. We use specialized tools that gently and effectively remove plaque and tartar from your enamel. Then we polish and floss your teeth and check for cavities. This is also a good time for us to review the foundational elements to maintaining optimal oral health, such as:

  • Brush twice a day and use a soft-bristled brush. Avoid brushing too hard, as this irritates your gums. Change your toothbrush every three months for the best results. You can also increase how often you brush to after every meal or snack to eliminate food particles and keep bacteria from building up.
  • Consider an electric toothbrush. Many electric brushes have a built-in timer so you can be sure you are brushing for the right amount of time. They also do the work for you with just the right amount of pressure.
  • Daily flossing. Effectively removes food particles and plaque that brushing can’t reach. Be gentle with flossing, to avoid cutting into your gums with the thread. A dental pick or interdental brush is designed to clean between your teeth and can also help with hard to reach areas.
  • Daily mouthwash can kill bacteria and remove leftover food and plaque. Talk to our team so we can recommend the right product for you.
  • Rinse your mouth. For swollen or red gums, rinse twice a week with mild salt-water to promote healing.
  • Smoking doubles your risk of gum disease. If you’re a smoker, consider quitting or cutting down.
  • Plan ahead and visit our office consistently. More frequent visits may be needed if you do have signs of gum disease, have diabetes, or are pregnant.

What’s Involved in a Dental Exam?

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After your cleaning, we will perform a dental examination to evaluate your gum health as well as perform an oral cancer screening to identify and diagnose any current or potential problems. If you suffer from excessive snoring or jaw pain, we can provide sleep apnea appliances or temporomandibular joint splints to prevent these conditions from negatively impacting your oral health.

It is essential to be as proactive as possible and treat small problems before they progress into more expensive and more complex issues. This is especially important when it comes to your gum health, so we offer comprehensive periodontal services.

Periodontal Care to Bring Back Your Healthy Smile

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Effective periodontal care is an essential component of oral health. By visiting our office regularly, you can prevent serious conditions from negatively impacting your oral health. Our experienced team has advanced training, knowledge, and skill in maintaining your gum health so you can protect and enhance your smile. We provide thorough periodontal care in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

Our goal is to help all of our patients protect their teeth and gums with professional dental care and personalized treatment plans. Our focus on quality patient treatment includes using science-based dental technology and offering multiple services so you can have all your treatment done in one location. We value your time and are here to help preserve the health of your smile. Call us today to set up your appointment for a comprehensive evaluation of your periodontal health!


Restore Your Oral Health

In addition to halting the progression of decay and disease, it is also important to completely restore health. Our quality restorative treatments can bring back both form and function to maximize structural support for a youthful appearance and a healthy smile. We also have additional discounts for seniors and a variety of payment options to help you get the care you need without straining your finances. Some of the most common services used to prevent further dental complications include:

Fillings can repair chips, cavities, and other minor issues with natural-looking materials that blend with your natural enamel.

Crowns are prosthetic caps that can cover a tooth down to the gum line for maximum support and protection.

Fixed bridges can replace up to three teeth in a row using a porcelain prosthetic that remains firmly in place using two adjacent healthy teeth as support.

Dentures are reliable and economical replacements for missing teeth, even up to an entire arch. We use high-quality materials to provide a lifelike appearance and optimal function.

Dental implants are a permanent replacement option that mimics your tooth from root to crown. They are combined with prosthetic options for a variety of custom restorations.

Preventive Care Especially for Kids and Teens

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During the early stages of growth, there are some important treatments that can guide oral health development to make future procedures more efficient. Fluorides and sealants applied to primary or permanent teeth add an extra layer of protection against decay and reduce the need for fillings and crowns. Early orthodontics like spacers and expanders can steer your child’s growth, so their time in braces is shorter and more successful. Taking additional precautions by wearing protective mouthguards during sports activities can help prevent severe injury and the need for extensive repairs.

Advanced Care Using Laser Dentistry

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Laser treatments are designed to target specific cells according to wavelength settings. Root scaling and planing, gingivectomy, and tissue grafting are viable methods of restoring health, but laser treatment encourages cell regeneration for quicker tissue and ligament repair. There is little to no bleeding, which means less pain and faster healing. Lasers are especially beneficial if you have dental anxiety because they do not produce the same noise as conventional dental tools, allowing you to relax during procedures.

Caring for Our Community

We are conveniently located in the Conestoga Mall and have been serving Kitchener, Waterloo, and the surrounding communities since 1985. In addition to working with our local schools to promote oral health awareness, we also provide dental care and support to many underserved populations in Africa and Central Asia. These experiences bring an abundance of joy and motivation that inspire us to provide high-quality service to you and your family. Schedule a visit with our caring team and find out how we can help you improve your quality of life by achieving and maintaining your ideal oral health. Call us today!


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