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Preventative Dental Care

When it comes to dental health, prevention really is better than cure, that is why our family dental practice is built around taking better care of your teeth every day.

Scheduling regular checkups for your family helps us to identify potential problems early on and make home care recommendations that will help to prevent serious problems down the road. It also helps us to find existing problems while they are small and easy to fix, so you can keep your teeth healthy and avoid complex and potentially costly treatments.

Dental Cleaning

While regular checkups are important to the health of your teeth, regular dental cleanings can be the best thing you do for your gum and overall oral health. Our team is happy to take care of your whole family’s dental cleaning needs when you need them.

Children’s Dentistry

Children’s dentistry, also known as pediatric dentistry, is a category all on its own, because little people are unique and different patients.

Our team is trained and committed to making your children’s earliest visits to the dentist as pleasant as possible, so that you can lay the groundwork for a lifetime of good dental health.

When we do have to do repairs and restorations, our team is gentle and patient, and take extra care to make the experience as quick and painless as possible.

 At Riverfront Dental, we like to think that we are a part of the community, and we’d love to be the practice you turn to for your family’s dental health. We are friendly, professional and we really care about your smile, so whether you just moved to Cambridge or need a new dental practice, give us a call. Let’s schedule an appointment so we can examine your family’s teeth and keep you on the road to great dental health.