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While most of our patients plan their regular checkups, none of them plan to need our other dental services, but that doesn’t mean they don’t occasionally need to spend a little extra time in our chairs. Everyone experiences general dental problems from time to time, and we are happy to help.

General dentistry can mean anything from a loose filling to a root canal (and everything in between), and our team at Riverfront Dental can provide professional advice and care, no matter what it is.

Assessment Appointment

When dental pain or discomfort strike, it can be hard to tell exactly what is causing it. Sometimes the pain comes and goes. Sometimes it comes on suddenly, and sometimes it only happens when you are doing something specific, like eating hot or cold foods.

It is not possible to diagnose your dental pain over the phone, so the first thing we do when you call our office is schedule an appointment to assess your needs and determine what the exact problem is.

Our dentists will ask you about the problem you are experiencing, and then examine your teeth and gums to find any easily visible problems. Finally, we will use x-rays to take a closer look at what is going on between your teeth and under your gums. All of these things help us to establish exactly what needs to be done to treat your problem.

Treating General Dental Problems

The next step in most of our general dentistry services is to treat whatever we discover during your assessment. The treatment plan will depend on the nature and severity of the problem.

If you have a simple problem that can be solved right away, and there is enough time left in your appointment to do so, we will proceed with treatment immediately. If it’s a little more complicated and needs a little more time, we’ll take temporary steps to make you as comfortable as possible and relieve pain and inflammation, prepare anything necessary for your treatment, and schedule another visit as soon as your schedule allows.

General dentistry is like anything else related to your teeth. The sooner you get professional treatment, the less pain you will experience, and the simpler your treatment options will be.

The team at Riverfront Dental are happy to treat all of your dental needs, but if you have pain or discomfort, difficulty chewing or can feel that something is broken, chipped or cracked, it’s better to contact us sooner rather than later.