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Our dental services include periodic cleanings as well as services that target specific oral health issues. Our top-of-the-line technology provides several advantages to our patients for restoration and cosmetic procedures such as impression-free scanners and higher-quality materials.  Our approach is to use treatment plans that are personalized to our patients’ specific situations in order to provide the most comprehensive dental care available.

Our team includes experienced professionals who have worked with children, teens, adults, and seniors. We provide general dental services as well as periodontal and oral surgical care to fulfill all your oral health needs.

Visits to the dentist will include:

  • First checkup within 6 months of first baby tooth
  • Cleaning and polish to demonstrate oral hygiene to parents, families and children
  • Education on timeframe for baby teeth and adult teeth growth
  • Discuss sealants, fluoride use and space loss/excess
  • Fillings, pulpotomies (baby root canals), and extractions as needed
  • Visits for trauma