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Dr. Yasmin Shamji found dentistry as her passion at a young age. As a young girl growing up in Uganda, the idea of helping others and volunteerism was taught to her very early. Dr. Shamji has made many trips across the globe with different organizations to provide dental care and to set up long term and sustainable facilities for their future.

Dr. Shamji and her team at Trillium Dental Centre believe that giving back to our local community is just as important as helping those around the world who need our help. Every year our team take local and international trips to help those in need!
Please feel free to contact us to inquire about our next volunteer venture and see how you can get involved in helping our local and global communities!

Currently Dr. Shamji and her team are building a new dental clinic in a mountainous region of Asia where there is currently no access to any dental care. They hope to have the project completed by 2021 and will share photos as the project reaches completion!

Enjoy the photos below of our journeys!